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CO2 Heating System

A CO2 system works by placing plastic coated copper pipes in a borehole of depths between 70m and 150m. The pipes are then filled with CO2(carbon dioxide) which rises and falls as it heats and cools. The warmer CO2 that rises to the surface transfers its energy to a refrigerant gas by means of a plate heat exchanger situated at surface level, which then transfers this energy to the heatpump. The principal is similar to the brine to water system but because no pump is required to pump an antifreeze solution and there is less loss in the heat exchange process this system is more efficient.

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      D-A-CH certified
COP 5.7
Internet connectable
Weather compensating technology as standard
Available from 6.2kw to 34.4kw 
Uses refrigerant R410a, the most environmentally 
         friendly refrigerant 


      Minimal space required to install
No fuel storage required
Maintenance free operation
More efficient than brine to water system 
Can be used in a situation where contamination from 
         antifreeze in a brine to water system would be a concern
         e.g close to town water supply

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CO2 Heat Pump Energy Flow

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Basic Function of CO2 Heat Pump

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