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Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps

Our Austrian engineered Geo-thermal Heat Pumps are among the most innovative and environmentally friendly available. We offer a wide range of Heliotherm Geothermal Heat Pumps; one of the most recognised and experienced brands on the world market.

Heliotherm were established in 1985 and have become recognised as one of the most innovative and respected heatpump manufacturers throughout Europe. They were the first manufacturer to produce a heatpump using scroll compressors in 1987, which has since gone on to become the industry norm and were also the first manufacturer in Europe to produce heatpumps that operated on R410a, the most environmentally friendly of all refrigerants. They have continued their innovative traditions by introducing Dsi, Twin X technology, Tele Control and Web Control to bring the efficiency of their heatpump range to a whole new level. Heliotherm heatpumps have been independently tested by Arsenal research and the University of Ulster in real home applications and have returned unrivalled energy ratings. Climate Control are the exclusive distributors for Heliotherm in Ireland.  

                Our range of Heliotherm Geothermal Heat Pumps products include:

 Direct Evaporating
 Brine Water
 Water to Water

Domestic Hot Water

 Why Geothermal?
With rising energy costs and an ever-increasing environmental concern, the search for new energy forms is a vital concern. Geothermal systems are a means of producing energy that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Geo-thermal:

 Economical - provides operating cost savings of up to 80%
 Earth Friendly - uses the renewable thermal energy of the earth
Comfortable - ideal for use with low temperature, high comfort systems, such as underfloor heating
Safe - no open flames, no fumes, no soot, no gas
Flexible - one single unit can control heating, cooling, and water heating
Dependable - contains few moving parts, therefore requiring little or no maintenance
Value - increases the value of your home along with decreasing your heating and cooling bill
 Efficiency - as much as six times as efficient as conventional systems

Heatpumps are the most efficient form of heating available, but not all heatpumps are equal. Most heatpumps are 400% efficient (COP 4), which means they produce 4 kilowatts of heat for every kilowatt off electricity used. Heliotherms direct evaporating heatpumps are at least 30% more efficient than other heatpumps on the market at 560% efficient. This is achieved through the use of the exclusively patented dsi and Twin X technology.

The next biggest factor in an efficient system is the underfloor heating system. Unless you have a well-designed underfloor heating system it will require hotter water, resulting in longer running times for the heatpump therefore more electrical consumption and a lower COP.

Web Control Readouts

Heliotherm Heat Pump Controller Screen

 How does a geothermal Heat Pump system work?
All heatpump systems are refrigeration systems. They incorporate two cycles, a heating cycle and a cooling cycle. In order to produce heat they must retrieve low-level heat on the cooling cycle by means of a refrigerant gas, and then increase this heat through compression. The compressed gas, which is hot, is then passed through a heat exchanger where it transfers its heat to water for either space heating or domestic hot water. The refrigerant gas then passes through an expansion valve where it drops in pressure and becomes extremely cold and travels on to collect low-level heat to complete the cycle. The gas does not need replacing and simply circulates in the system indefinitely in this heating and cooling cycle.

 The Benefits to You and The Environment
Because of their very high efficiencies Heliotherm heatpumps are extremely economical to run. These efficiencies contribute to both you and the envirnonment. By reducing the electricity consumption, thereby reducing fuel costs and reducing CO2 emissions at the point of electricity production which benefits the environment

Heliotherm manufacture their products to the highest standards and hold the
D-A-CH Quality certificate (the German, Austrian and Swiss Certification for heatpumps).

A Heliotherm heatpump has a life expectancy in excess of 20 years and should require no maintenance within that time. A Heliotherm direct evaporating heatpump can save you at least €25,000 over an oil boiler over its lifetime.

The Technology


dsi-Technology (direct superheat injection) is a system developed by Heliotherm to increase the efficiency of their heatpumps. Unlike other systems where one point of the system is monitored in order to determine the correct refrigerant flow, dsi-Technologyi monitors multiple positions, ensuring that refrigerant flow is always at its optimum, increasing the energy the system can absorb, thereby increasing the energy output and shortening running times.

 Twin X

Heliotherm have introduced a new heat exchanger concept - a second heat exchanger to the system, this ensures the maximum energy exchange on each cycle of the refrigerant gas.

 Web Control

Heliotherm developed Web Control to increase the ease of use for customer.

The system allows you to:

 Control the system remotely through the internet
 Allow installers to adjust or monitor the system removing the requirement for a service call
Set daily and weekly programs for various temperature settings
Incorporate vacation settings where the system set back the temperature of the house while you are away
    and heat it up before you return

 Refrigerant R410a, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant

Heliotherm uses refrigerant R410a, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant and coupled with their revolutionary new compressor generation, it is now possible to combine environmental conscientiousness and maximum efficiency. R410a has excellent heat transition qualities and unites a higher efficiency and a higher potential reduction and system costs. The use of this refrigerant reduces CO2 emissions. Due to this technology we are the only European manufacturer producing a direct evaporating heat pump offering a performance of 5 - 50kW.

The advantages of using R410a:

 Higher efficiency and therefore reduced operating costs
 Whisper quiet
Higher reliability by using progressive Scroll Technology
Environmentally friendly: chlorine free refrigerant
Non flammable
Safe - non toxic
Recyclable components

 DSG Silence

Because of the double bowl housing design and high-density burl foam acoustic insulation the units operate in an extremely quiet manner. This unique and attractive design reduces noise emissions, this elimates the need for a noise controlled room

 Whisper Quiet
 Space saving
Graceful design

 Tele Control

 Remote diagnosis
 Notification of error to Installer if unit is connected to phone line
Fine tuning of all processes to ensure maximum efficiency

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